L’Ocre rouge

I want to tell you stories…

The story of the discovery of a valley and a mountain, of the roughness of the rock which, covered with moss, is being caressed. That of the sun and the wind, of the stone heated to a crisp in the summer, of the icy tramontana of January days.

Slicing, chopping, poaching, reducing, mixing to reveal textures, tastes and flavours that speak of here, of this land where light and shade exist side by side.

I imagine a cuisine of contrasts, when the visual harmony is born from the harmony of flavours, a cuisine that is as much to be seen as to be tasted, to find in your plate what makes this country so special. With the passing of days and seasons, far away from fads and unimaginative techniques, I favour fresh local produce because it is these that give my cooking the right tone of deliciousness.

You can stay in our accommodation Des lits sur la Place.

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