Our role and values

The professionals network

A network of professionals to help you experience the PassaPaïs greenway and the Véloccitanie in its entirety

The association’s role and projects

The professionals network was created around the PassaPaïs greenway at the end of 2015 in order to :

  • Forge links between local players
  • Raise awareness of this beautiful itinerary
  • Develop services that meet the needs of cycle tourists and other soft modes of transport
  • Contribute to the debate about facilities (signposting, etc.)
  • Encourage connections with other cycle routes to extend the enjoyment.

Since 2015, the signposting has been set up jointly by the PNRHL, the départements and the Réseau Pro PassaPaïs-Véloccitanie. The latter contributes to its maintenance and considers new developments. The core group of professionals who initiated this dynamic has grown: today 120 professionals living along the PassaPaïs-Véloccitanie have joined the association to offer a high quality welcome and to share their values! The Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park runs the Véloccitanie Itinerary Committee, of which the association is a member. In 2023, the Véloccitanie itinerary has been launched: the western and eastern extensions of the PassaPaïs greenway to link up with the Canal des 2 mers to the south, and the Voie des droits de l’homme and the GTMC to the north. As of now the professionals are working to expand their network along the entire route. .

With the family, alone or in a group, for leisure or for sport… an experience in the heart of nature

The professionals offer you a succession of small pleasures

Our vision is that of a territory where tourist activity is respectful of the environment thanks to eco-responsible service providers, committed to common values. Thus, the PassaPaïs-Véloccitanie network of professionals has set itself the mission of contributing to the ECOnomic development of an ECOlogical and ECOludic (fun) tourism.

With your family, alone or in a group, for leisure or for sport… Thanks to the professionals, enjoy an experience in the midst of nature, in all serenity, at the rhythm of a turn of the pedal, which brings you back to simple pleasures: to feel the wind, to breathe, to reach a viewpoint, to take a dip… To meet friendly residents and professionals…

In short, a succession of small pleasures to be found as much as in the territory covered as in the real experience.

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