Musée de l’universalité du tapis d’art sacré

This Association museum offers a majestic display of 132 hand-knotted carpets from ten different faiths and 17 countries!

Musée du verre

The Musée du verre de Sorèze boasts a huge collection of antique glass, some of which is on permanent display.

Textile Museum

In a former 19th-century factory, spools of thread and looms tell the story of a textile fibre, from raw material to finished product.

Aquarelle – Patrick Amorsi

Watercolour, a word that alone evokes the freedom to reinvent life with just a little water, colour and paper: everyone can play with their script.

Grotte La fileuse de verre

The Devèze cave is nicknamed the "Glass Spinner's Palace" for the remarkable finesse of its concretions. Awe inspiring!

Musée de la Préhistoire

The museum features the Neolithic material discovered in caves in the Saint-Pons region, a major area of recent European prehistory.

Musée de la cloche

The museum takes visitors on a journey of discovery into the manufacture, use and symbolism of bells and bellringers. A museum where you can see, touch and hear!